Energy Point was formally launched at the "Energy Saving Opportunities - an industry focus in 2011" event which was held in Limerick on 21st November 2011. The event was opened by Mr. Michael Noonan, Minister for Finance.

Press Release - 21st Nov 2011

Limerick firm targets large industrial users of energy with innovative energy management offering
Mr. Michael Noonan, T.D., Minister for Finance, officially launched EnergyPoint ( in Limerick today, Monday, November 21st, 2011.  An initiative of the Limerick engineering  firm, Procad Engineering (,) EnergyPoint was established to spearhead the Energy Management division within the Procad Group and to provide a comprehensive range of energy management services to large industry under one roof. The first initiative of its kind in the Mid-West, it is expected to generate €2m worth of incremental revenue and create up to ten new, high-end jobs over the next 18 months due to the growing pressure on Industry to reduce the costs and harmful emissions associated with energy waste.

A unique feature of EnergyPoint is the way it brings together the expertise of three, indigenous Limerick firms involved in different aspects of energy management to provide a stronger, more comprehensive offering. Led by Procad Engineering, EnergyPoint will use the expertise and technologies developed by local firms, EpiSensor ( and ResourceKraft ( In the new collaboration, Procad Engineering will be responsible for the overall project management, carrying out energy audits for large corporate users of energy,  identifying potential energy-saving opportunities and implementing solutions that will realise these in co-operation with the other two firms.  A world leader in the development of wireless monitors that collect real-time energy usage and environmental data,  EpiSensor’s technology makes it possible to access accurate energy usage data within the client companies. ResourceKraft’s software suite can translate this raw data into meaningful, business information, so that companies This allows them to make informed decisions that will reduce the company’s energy costs and environmental impact while increasing its overall competitiveness.

Speaking at the launch, Minister Noonan lauded the  EnergyPoint initiative as an example of how Irish-owned companies can enhance their market position and competitiveness through appropriate collaborations, especially during these recessionary times. He also pointed out, that energy often represents the second highest cost after payroll in businesses with a high energy usage. He stressed that there was now a compelling case for proper energy management systems in businesses, not only from a cost-saving perspective, but also out of their corporate responsibility to the environment and to society at large. “Government initiatives, such as  The Better Energy Workplaces and Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) Schemes, both administered through The Sustainable Energy  Authority of Ireland (SEAI,) are indicative of the Government’s commitment to promoting energy management & reduction within business. These are practical programmes, which provide financial support to companies investing in energy-saving projects, thereby reducing the pay-back period. With Industry consuming approx. 35% of the world’s energy at present, there is an onus on lndustry leaders to bring energy management into their boardrooms with a view to creating more efficient businesses and a cleaner environment. EnergyPoint is an
Irish initiative, which can help them to this end.”

In his welcome address, Ed Murnane, M.D. of Procad Engineering and EnergyPoint stressed the importance of Irish companies and jobseekers thinking outside the box during these difficult times. “It was the drop in our turnover after the collapse of the building boom that urged us at Procad Engineering to explore and exploit new business opportunities. This led to the birth of EnergyPoint. Energy management is a growth area, not only for businesses, but also for individuals with good experience in engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical & utilities, for example, who are prepared to upskill in this area. Energy concerns the world over are on the increase and we’re going  to need more and more suitably qualified people to address them.”can identify how and where energy is being used at any particular time across multiple sites.